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  • Britz Campervan and 4x4 Rentals
    Britz:Africa offers the freedom to travel and stay wherever you choose. Our vehicles can travel into Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho and South Africa. top
    Added on 29-Aug-2000 and so far 1637 clicks.
  • Bundu Rent
    Rental of 4x4 vehicles, all terrain trailers and safari & camping equipment. top
    Added on 26-Aug-2000 and so far 1751 clicks.
  • camper hire in South Africa
    Discover freedom in our latest modern Mercedes and Iveco based campers. See South Africa the way it's meant to be seen. top
    Added on 6-Jul-2004 and so far 1813 clicks.
  • Buffalo Campers
    Holiday motor homes, 4x4 and minibus hiring services.
    Added on 26-Aug-2000 and so far 1527 clicks.
  • Camper Hire
    Camper Rental in South Africa. Close to airports.
    Added on 28-Nov-2005 and so far 1006 clicks.
  • Caprivi Car Hire
    We are the 4x4 specialists in Namibia The latest Toyota 4x4 models equiped for your needs Perfect 24 hour back-up service Our cars are allowed to enter Botswana, Malawi, Mocambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe & South Africa.
    Added on 29-Jan-2001 and so far 1371 clicks.
  • Compass Ventures
    Compass Ventures hire out 4x4 and minibus vehicles for self drive safaris to Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. 4x4 Vehicles are equipped with rooftop tents, fridges and the necessary camping equipment.
    Added on 24-Aug-2000 and so far 1295 clicks.
  • Maui Camper Hire
    Maui offers you the luxury of Motorhome rental with your own private Shower and Toilet, freedom to travel throughout Southern Africa and see our game parks in luxury.
    Added on 29-Aug-2000 and so far 880 clicks.
  • Reality 4X4 Hire
    4X4 Hire Western Cape Province South Africa - Rent a 4 Wheel Drive vehicle - 4X4 Rentals in South Africa.
    Added on 11-Oct-2005 and so far 708 clicks.

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