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  • Adventure Diving Safaris
    Great White cage diving, shark diving and wreck diving adventures in South Africa and Mozambique top
    Added on 9-Sep-2003 and so far 1658 clicks.
  • AmanziTrails
    Canoeing on the Orange River. top
    Added on 5-Sep-2000 and so far 1673 clicks.
  • Adventure Reviews and Directory
    Adventure Hub provides reviews of adventure tours and activities in South Africa. Come find your next South African adventure.
    Added on 12-Aug-2011 and so far 772 clicks.
  • boom lifts
    For affordable cherry pickers, scissor lifts, telehandlers, access platforms, boom lifts, JLG - Eazi Sales
    Added on 16-Nov-2011 and so far 683 clicks.
  • Classic Jets - Cape Town
    The ultimate ride: supersonic (mach 2) at 60000 ft or 600mph at 50 ft over the sea or flying through spectacular mountain scenery.
    Added on 21-Aug-2000 and so far 1547 clicks.
  • Coastal Kayak Trails
    Cape Town based operator offering guided sea kayaking trips along the coast of South Africa and East Africa
    Added on 23-Aug-2000 and so far 1429 clicks.
  • Dive South Africa
    Extreme African scuba diving safaris. Great White shark cage diving, tropical reef diving and wreck diving holidays to South Africa and Mozambique
    Added on 27-Jun-2006 and so far 1070 clicks.

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